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    Yoga, my favourite addiction.

    Some of you know that I’ve recently completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching here in Melbourne. But a lot of you might not know why. The list of reasons [...]
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    A Falafel Kind of Lunch.

    Recently I was placed on a fructose free/low fodmap diet. Fun times. Not really. I miss dates, a lot, and honey. And I also miss garlic and onion. Oh and cherries. I’m just [...]
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Chatting pancakes with Sofie from Naked Seeds

by amystown in Health

  I need to start this post with a confession. I’ve never been a pancake person. There I said it. I’ve never ordered pancakes at a restaurant, I always find them rather [...]

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    Working in Richmond these days, I am constantly looking for new pre-work breakfast spots. Feast of Merit, a relatively new cafe on Swan Street, fits that bill nicely. Feast [...]





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Yogis, I'm covering @jessiefenech's Thursday morning 6.30am classes for the next four weeks at @yoga213! Music will be played, fun will be had. Come join. 🙏🏼✌🏼️💜 #yoga213 Photo taken by the lovely @trinskyyoga Getting used to the idea of flowers in the house. #theycanbeverypretty I get it, Sydney is great. But I think it's time you both came home now. Ok thanks 💜. #justanidea When making it to the mat is an achievement in itself. #lazysaturday One pile of oats please 😁. #breakfast #alltheoats Come flow with me at @yoga213 at 5.15pm tonight. ✌🏼️💜 #vinyasa #yoga213 I have very cute friends. #yougotthis #bdaylove 💜 Saturday recovery tools. #modernyoga #colouring #secretgarden A very beautiful and thoughtful early birthday present from my very thoughtful and talented friend @miaantonia7. #yogadrawings #love 🙏🏼💜 One bowl of smashed avocado please and thank you. #alltheavo @barrycoffeeandfood. 💜👌🏼 #barrycoffeeandfood Thanks to @najigram_'s beautiful heart opening Align class at @powerliving tonight I managed wheel pose with straight legs. As someone who started yoga with scoliosis and a serious curve in my spine, who also took two years just to get wheel, I'm very humbled. It just shows you, don't let the limitations you think your body has limit your practice. Your body will grow with you. 💜 #yoga #love This week ended a little different to last. Missing this orange sunset. #sydney #bondi This morning I got to see @leisaleon do her thing at @yo_yoga_ which is taking over @lifehub.com.au on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. Does doing yoga in a hardcore gym make me hardcore? #ithinkyes #yoyogisdoitbetter Wild thing. One of my favourites by far. Opens the heart, the entire front body, and makes you feel strong. Stay wild yogis. #wildthingpose 📷 taken by @trinskyyoga. Missing breakfast in @catherinerea's pretty blue bed. #Sydneywithdrawals



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