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#213healthmonth @ Yoga 213, South Yarra

by amystown in Health

June, for Yoga 213 in South Yarra is Health Month. I’ve tried many other yoga studios, but something keeps me coming back to 213. The tunes, the instructors, and the space. [...]

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    Working in Richmond these days, I am constantly looking for new pre-work breakfast spots. Feast of Merit, a relatively new cafe on Swan Street, fits that bill nicely. Feast [...]





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This. #mademyday #yoga Eating the rainbow today. #health Sundayz. Feeling spoilt. #birthdaysarefun My breakfast is prettier than me. #granola Trying to heal myself with porridge, big jumpers, and tea. #sick #missmywillows Mother Collins gave me four tiny cats for my birthday. #bless #jewellery Another early morning, another yoga class with @rowie_g #yoga213 ✌️✌️✌️. Monday thoughts. 👌 Going green. #willowlyf It's a serious knit kind of morning. #melbourne #jarlyf Thanks for the feed @touchwoodcafe ✌️ #theavocontinues My night time reading. #learningthings #yogiintraining Food and coconuts for the Willows. #kongbbq @kongbbq



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