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    Yoga, my favourite addiction.

    Some of you know that I’ve recently completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching here in Melbourne. But a lot of you might not know why. The list of reasons [...]
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    A Falafel Kind of Lunch.

    Recently I was placed on a fructose free/low fodmap diet. Fun times. Not really. I miss dates, a lot, and honey. And I also miss garlic and onion. Oh and cherries. I’m just [...]
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Chatting pancakes with Sofie from Naked Seeds

by amystown in Health

  I need to start this post with a confession. I’ve never been a pancake person. There I said it. I’ve never ordered pancakes at a restaurant, I always find them rather [...]

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    Working in Richmond these days, I am constantly looking for new pre-work breakfast spots. Feast of Merit, a relatively new cafe on Swan Street, fits that bill nicely. Feast [...]





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I'm covering the wonderful @jessiefenech's classes for one more week at @yoga213! ✌🏼️Come make fun shapes with me Tuesday and Thursday morning 6.30am and 7.45am. #yoga213 #mornings 💜 Coffee and chemistry. ☕️📚 #humannutrition #study So I've been working with @lucindamckimm on @melbournelovesyoga for a while now. And it's nearly ready to launch! Couldn't be more excited for everyone to see it. Big thanks to Luce for asking me to help with her awesome project. #Notlongnow #MELBOURNELOVESYOGA 🙏🏼💜✌🏼️ Couldn't be prouder of @charlotteegrigg and @veall_ on the launch of their @yoga213 Apparel. This stuff is incredible. ✌🏼️😁 #yoga213 #213apparel #tobehappy When your fridge is broken but you realise you have bananas, avocado, cacao, and homemade muesli. Cacao mousse for dinner is always the answer. #silverlining 'Why don't you be you, and I'll be me.' 🎶. #jamesbay #lyriclove 📷 by @jasminedowling. Hello new friend @happymelonstudios. Thanks for the beautiful class @mashayoga. #happymelon Last week I spent 26 hours on the mat teaching and practicing. Hello Monday, let's do it all again. #blessed #yogi 📷 by @trinskyyoga Afternoons on the northside. @chjamesfairfield. #Coffee #fairfield After a massive week, two hours of beats and pineapples with @spiritualpretzel was exactly what the doctor ordered. #feelinghumanagain @yoga213 #yoga213 Falling in love with mornings at @yoga213. #teachingalltheyoga 💜✌🏼️🙏🏼 Today, I'm a traveling yogi. #yogainoffices #goodone One of those days. Thanks for the books @justinekajtar, they only hurt my brain a little 😋. #Study #allthebooks #humannutrition Want to stay wild yogis? From tonight you'll now find me on the mat teaching the 5.15pm Chill every Tuesday and Wednesday night at @yoga213. We can be wild together! 😋💜🙏 #wildthing #wildthingpose #yoga213 Freshly toasted oats and nuts waiting to be turned into breakfast. #mornings #breakfast 👌



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