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New Years Eve @ Little Creatures Dinning Hall, Fitzroy

When a friend of mine suggested heading to Little Creatures on Brunswick Street for New Years Eve I was intrigued. She sold me when she said that they were turning the whole place into a retro backyard BBQ…

“A table for 20 under Amy?” I asked the man at the grey concrete wall that is the entrance to Little Creatures Dinning Hall. His response… “…head inside and look for the guy dressed as Warwick Capper who can show you to your table”… I felt a small smile appear on my face. This smile only grew as we walked in to see the usually spacious venue filled with overflowing booths and tables, fake grass with 80’s pool lounges and countless coloured beach umbrellas! The place looked like a beach party and the atmosphere matched. The Melbourne heat that night only helped.


As we all settled in it was time to head to the busy bar for a drink. As someone who suffers from gluten intolerance beer is obviously not an option, yet I do have to say Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider is a welcome choice! I don’t have to be at little creatures to order a Pipsqueak. I love that it manages to be light and not too sweet at the same time. As the icy bubbles hit my lips it felt like summer! For those of you who know the venue you would know that spirits are not on offer, so it was cider and beer all round in the 40 degree heat.

For those who don’t like beer or cider, don’t worry you will not go without a drink! Sparkling, white and red wines are available by the glass and by the bottle.

Now…to the menu.

Little Creatures has great beer drinking menu…

The snacks are a ‘go to’ option here with nuts, olives, onion rings, chips and even corn cobs on offer. The Gourmet pizzas include the Chorizo, Sweet Corn and Feta pizza and the Kipfler Potato, Rosemary and taleggio Pizza and while I’ve never been able to try the pizza myself, I have been told on good authority they are amazing. Platters, Dahl, calamari salads, mussels and pork ribs fill the shared section with mains including fish and chips, steak, lamb shanks and a vegie tart of pumpkin and goats cheese. Across the board you could easily get a meal for under $20. For a few laid back drinks with friends, dinner or a quick snack, you shouldn’t leave here disappointed.

As a gluten free patron I was a little worried looking at the menu…so I just did what I am all too used to doing and asked the waitress for help. She was more than happy to help and knew what was suitable without having to ask the kitchen.

I will admit that on other occasions I’ve had mixed experiences with the service. Wine recommendations and smiles one day and cold indifference the next. Your experience seems to come down to who is serving you on the day.  I will add a word of warning…they close early (11 on week nights and 12 on Friday onwards) and are not afraid to literally kick you out if you are still there.

Back to NYE…I decided on the pan-fried calamari, citrus and fennel salad and it exceeded my expectations. With the calamari pieces covered in chilli and spice they packed quite a punch. The interesting taste sensation came when the citrus came in and offered refreshing sweetness to the fire in my mouth. Drinking cider and eating seafood in the 40 degree heat did make it feel like we could have had had our toes in the sand and water washing over our feet.

Before I got a chance to look at my watch the waitress was back with party poppers for everyone and the count down was upon us. The hundreds of patrons together sung in the New Year in the same joyful way we had spent the evening and it wasn’t until we stepped back out onto the dark pavement of Fitzroy that I remembered I wasn’t on a beach holiday.

For more info:

Little Creatures Dinning Hall
222 Brunswick St
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
(03) 9417 5500

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